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Our mission is to craft inspiring foundations through impactful design for social purpose businesses and individuals.

Our Vision is to to nurture a global movement of thriving, purpose-driven businesses that steward the great turning together. 

Our Living Design Studio (OLDS) was co-founded by Aliko Weste and Rachel Taylor, and has since expanded to include 6 incredible team members with specialized skills to support your journey through our process.

The OLDS team draws on over thirty years of combined experience in graphic design, business development, and project management to provide accessible, equitable, and empowering tools for small businesses, thought leaders, and creatives in our communities. OLDS originated in 2018 as Well 'n Green, evolved into U Productions, and has since blossomed into Our Living Design Studio.

Our Living Design Studio (OLDS) is a digital design firm based in Seattle, Washington, on Coast Salish Lands.


How we do business

How we do 

How can we be like nature, orienting towards regenerative cycles instead of bending to the urgent and extractive patterns that drive our dominant culture?

How do we actively embody right relationship with ourselves, our clients, and the more-than-human world in our business?

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Driven by a dedication to remember and honor our earth-based lineages, we conduct our work with integrity and respect for the well-being of people and the planet.

Our Living Design Studio is a place where ancient values meets modern business.


Drawing from years of studying and reconnecting with indigenous values, we strive to embody the following four values in our business and in our work with clients.

Some of these values specifically draw on the teachings that Wahinkpe Topa (Four Arrows) and Darcia Narvaez, PhD share in Restoring the Kinship Worldview.

1. Move at the pace of nature

OLDS embraces the understanding that nature moves at the speed of life, unlike capitalism. Our most successful clients trust the innate wisdom of their nervous systems and move at a pace aligned with their well-being and the rhythms of the more-than-human world. By honoring the natural flow of life, we promote sustainability, balance, and long-term success.

2. Self-Care

When we are well, everything around us is well. We prioritize self-care practices that promote holistic physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Through our coaching, we guide our clients in establishing their own structures and routines to prioritize self-care, empowering them to show up as their best selves in all areas of life, including their business.


3. Courage + Trust

We understand that true growth and change often require us to step outside our comfort zones and venture into the unknown. Inspired by the quote "Even if it feels like you're jumping off a cliff, what's on the other side is remarkable" [Restoring the Kinship Worldview], we encourage our clients to embrace courage as a catalyst for personal and professional development, trusting that what's on the other side is the version of themselves they've always longed for.


4. Heart Wisdom 

At OLDS, we recognize that true guidance lies within, so we guide our clients to tap into their intuition and heart's wisdom in growing their business. The Coast Salish people here in Seattle, WA have a word for this - 'Hatchusita' - the intellect of the heart. By incorporating heart wisdom into our coaching, we support individuals in aligning their actions with their truest intentions.




Aliko is the founder and director of Our Living Design Studio. Born and raised in Seattle Washington to a French Jewish mother and Caribbean father, Aliko is a first generation American, trans, Blaxk presenting, bilingual, Jewish entrepreneur and producer. Aliko is the Founder and director of Our Living Design Studio, U Productions, Expansion Festival, and Good for Chocolate. He is a coach, designer, speaker, and writer. Through all of his businesses, events, expertise and hobbies, he is able to live out his dedication to carving out space for humanity through his work.

Indigo Wind is a visionary artist, illustrator and multidisciplinary creative with a deepening connection to her Scandinavian ancestry and the lands with which she lives. Born on the south shore of Gichigame (Lake Superior), originally from Anishinaabe land, she now walks the beauty way primarily among the Cascade Foothills in the Pacific North West, along the Santiam River on Central Kalapuyan land. 

As an Earth lover, intuitive artist, writer, and beauty activist, she draws inspiration from Mother Nature’s abundant well-spring of resilient magnificence, weaving this potency into her role as a community tender, full-time designer and devotee to ART as a way of BEING. Her work is in deep co-creation with the animate world, the spirit of creativity and eco-tones where form and formless come together as one.

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Alexa Lux supports OLDS as a digital designer and internal systems developer helping the team manage, track, and complete client projects. A queer animist artist & social entrepreneur descended from peoples of the waters of western Europe, she tends to the generative intersections of digital design, music, & community organization in the occupied ancestral territories of the Clackamas & Cascades peoples outside Portland, OR. Guided by principles grounded in postactivism, systems thinking, & relational ecology, she utilizes a wide array of artistic & professional skills in service of creative initiatives that cultivate resilient communities and tend to the cracks of our times.

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Tad (he/him) is a digital advertising and programmatic media pioneer with a passion for helping sole proprietors, small businesses, and non-profits create effective and manageable brand strategies. Since 2018, he has created and led communities of small business owners in orchestrated, grassroots marketing and fundraising campaigns for non-profits such as Meals on Wheels, The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, Josh Gibson Foundation, and Buck Leonard Association for Sports & Human Enrichment. Tad and his wife Karen Fassio are co-founders of Abundant Marketing Collective. 

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Lux Gypsum (all pronouns) is a UC Berkeley graduate with a degree in Philosophy, a Conflict Mediator, a Group Facilitator, and a Somatic Coach. As a Copywriting and Offer Development Consultant, they weave their skills in reflective listening and distilling and organizing information to support you to communicate your work with confidence and clarity. They also bring their own background as a business owner and facilitator with  experience developing and marketing offerings. Lux is passionate about supporting values-centered humans and their value-centered businesses in thriving, reaching the people they want to reach, and generating life-sustaining abundance.

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Pauline is a Marketing, Strategic Partnerships and Visual Communications Expert with a decade of experience across industries developing marketing strategies, events planning,
digital marketing and client management. She is highly skilled in developing brand
management strategies, creative design and conducting market research to fuel business growth. She is a certified marketer from the Chartered Institute of Marketing
(CIM) and a graduate of Moi University located in Kenya, with a Bachelor of
Science Degree in Graphic Communication and Advertising.

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We are grateful for the thriving, ongoing collaborations we have with our partners.

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