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Financial Support

with Bailey Bell Loffredo at NEXT Stage Funding

Bailey Bell Loffredo, a childhood friend and neighbor of the Founder of Our Living Design Studio, brings over a decade of entrepreneurial expertise. With a strong foundation of trust and friendship, Our Living Design Studio is dedicated to supporting you in financing your business, connecting you with the best and most reliable advisor and someone within our personal network.

As a seasoned serial entrepreneur, Bailey has developed a profound understanding of the challenges involved in obtaining business financing. Motivated by this firsthand knowledge, Bailey has taken on the mission of democratizing access to funding for businesses across various sectors, particularly those with consistent revenue streams.

We would love to introduce you to Bailey, or if you reach out personally, let him know you know Aliko and he will take care of you like family. 

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. 



Bridge Loan

A bridge loan is a short-term loan that serves as interim financing, typically used by individuals or businesses to bridge the gap between two major financial transactions. It provides immediate access to funds to cover expenses or obligations until a more permanent financing solution is secured.

Term Loans

A term loan provides a fixed amount of money for specific needs, repaid over a set period with fixed monthly payments and interest rates. It's ideal for businesses or individuals needing predictable financing with clear repayment terms.

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