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If you're embarking on a business venture, seeking a solid foundation for your current business, aiming to turn your idea into reality, or in need of fine-tuning for your existing digital infrastructure, you've landed in the right place.

Our Living Design Studio has worked with over 70 individuals and businesses helping them craft the foundations for a successful business. While you're here, enjoy your stay, read why and how we do what we do, look at all the beautiful things we've done, read what people are saying, and don't forget to book a free discovery call. 

Design shapes our reality and changes the world. All successful people get support going where they want to go. 

Join us.

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At Our Living Design Studio, we believe that...


1. Your business will ask a new version of yourself.

Building or revitalizing a brand involves answering deep questions about who you are, what you value, who you serve, and what your vision is for your life. Working with us is not just about receiving an amazing brand or website, it's about who you become in the process.


2. Art, design, and aesthetics are at the center of human psychology and connection.


Symbols are our most ancient form of communication. Visual elements such as images, shapes, and colors are processed by the brain before language comprehension.

Excellent branding allows you to communicate your work on a psychological level, utilizing the preverbal language of art and design to build meaningful connections with your audience. When building a brand, you are building a container for yourself and your audience to know how you function. 


“Before I started working with Our Living Design Studio, I knew pretty much nothing about branding and was just flying by the seat of my own inspiration. OLDS educated me and set up me with a branding foundation that has attracted so many new followers and participants in my work. I can see how the consistency and professional aesthetic helps my work get to more people. OLDS helped me work through blocks I had around commitment and cheered me on every step of the way. I am so grateful for their help!”

- Hayley Shannon 

Founder Embody Soul 



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